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Professional Licensure Issues

The Glennon Firm offers services to clients in reviewing and revising their applications and representing them in professional and occupational licensure issues.

Medical Board Disciplinary Matters

The Glennon Firm has successfully defended physicians from across the United States in medical board disciplinary matters. Physicians who have received a letter of reprimand, warning, notice of suspension, or who otherwise face disciplinary action by a medical board should seek professional legal counseling to learn their rights and to understand the consequence of the disciplinary action on their careers.

The Glennon Firm has defended medical doctors from across the United States in medical disciplinary matters initiated by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM). The Glennon Firm's successful representation against accusations of impropriety has preserved and in many cases has restored the reputations of dozens of medical doctors, who serve our communities with dedication and distinction.

To request a free review and consultation, please send an email to Please include in the subject line of your email: the name of the medical board. Please include in the body of your email: your name, contact information, telephone number, email address, and a brief description of the nature of your disciplinary matter. Please also include in the body of your email the following statement:

“I authorize the Glennon Firm to communicate confidential client / attorney related information through this email address.”

Please also attach to your email a copy of the notice letter you received from the medical board and any documents related to the disciplinary matter. Finally, send your email.

Please note: An attorney Client Relationship will not commence between the Firm and the professional, nor will such a relationship commence unless and until the Firm and the professional enter into a written agreement.