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The Glennon Firm offers personalized, professional legal services in the area of Guardianship Proceedings for Minors and Alleged Incapacitated Persons. With emphasis based on the privacy and dignity of the Minor or Alleged Incapacitated Person, The Glennon Firm advocates to insure that the Minor’s or Alleged Incapacitated Person’s best interests are served through the appointment of a Guardian of the Person and / or Guardian of the Estate.

Further, The Glennon Firm counsels clients in methods of preserving their individual privacy, dignity, and independence throughout their lifetime in offering legal alternatives to the appointment of a Guardian. Such “less restrictive alternatives” to an adjudication of incapacity, when pursued can greatly reduce or remove the likelihood of having a public adjudication of incapacity and the appointment of a guardian, who is often a stranger to the family.

The Glennon Firm also defends Alleged Incapacitated Persons against petitions. To request an appointment, please call The Glennon Firm at 215.568.5520.

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