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Dan Glennon has been a member of American Mensa and Delaware Valley Mensa since 2000.

In addition to serving as a Member-at-Large on of Delaware Valley Mensa’s Executive Committee from 2002-2004, Dan has served Delaware Valley Mensa as both Legal Counsel and Local Ombudsman since 2004.

Legal Counsel: All Legal issues concerning DVM Legal Counsel must first be directed to:

President of DVM
c/o The Glennon Firm, L.L.C.
1325 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Service of legal pleadings must comport to the respective Federal or Pennsylvania Rules of Procedure.

Ombudsman: Please direct all matters concerning DVM Ombudsman disputes to Dan Glennon at In your email, please include in the email subject line “DVM-Ombudsman” and your American Mensa member number, and include in the body of the email your contact information, including Name, Telephone Number, E-Mail Address, and a Brief Description of your concern.